di 11 apr - 2023 dinsdag 11 april 2023

Waves of Burlesque Live at Villa Concordia: film, burlesque show & talkshow

Embrace the power of burlesque!

Villa Concordia is april 30 the centre of burlesque. We watch Waves of Burlesque, a documentary by Colina van Bemmel, we talk and we enjoy live performances. Experience the power of burlesque yourself!

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The program at 17:00 starts with the film and performance and ends with the talkshow.

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The program at 18:30 starts with the talkshow, at 20:00 we enjoy the film and performance.

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BUSTIE LA TISH – Amsterdam’s larger-than-life burlesque star, Bustie La Tish has taken her powerful acts all across Europe in the past 10 years. Bustie is part of the Amsterdam drag house of Hopelezz, and produces the feminist shows PUSSY GRABS BACK! and GOSH! (a Good Old Sexy Happening), bringing together showgirls, drag artists and other performance artists in a joyful and political adventure. She also produces the monthly Smut Slam Amsterdam, Amsterdam’s only community dirty storytelling open mic.
Talkshow guest & performer

NOVA STERLING – Burlesque artist Nova Sterling finally learned to feel good about her body, through the art of burlesque. She shows us how naked skin is empowering and gender is something to play with. From her asexuality Nova Sterling explores being sensual, without the need to be seen as sexy. She will take you on a journey, exploring the empowerment of burlesque.
Talkshow guest & performer

COLINA VAN BEMMEL – Colina is an independent filmmaker and artist. To her, film is a way to shine a light on subjects that have been hidden in the dark. Burlesque and sexual expression seems to bring out strong reactions in people, which she wanted to explore in her film ‘Waves of Burlesque’. We all have inner and outer judgements, but where do they come from and how can we move from there? The documentary has been a journey which Colina wants to share with others. Not just with the film, but also by creating space for conversation and connection.
Talkshow guest

CREAMY ROGER – MC Creamy Roger seduces the woo out of an audience, with a combination of spoken word and tease. Together with Fae Fortune he produces burlesque events, experimenting with live music, pole dancing, theater and club nights. From his anthropological background, Creamy tries to capture the essence of burlesque in the fairytales they produce. If a show is the cake, Roger is the cream on top!
Talkshow moderator & performer

The program is a cooperation between Hoogt, QFFU, Dutch Burlesque and Villa Concordia