Hoogt International

Filmtheater ’t Hoogt may have left the building in the Slachtstraat, but we haven’t left the city! Hoogt on Tour shows films at various locations in Utrecht. Good news: from February 2020 on, our programmes at De Nijverheid are accessible for those who don’t speak Dutch. All films screened there are either English spoken or English subtitled.

Hoogt International at De Nijverheid

You absolutely don’t want to miss out on our monthly CineArt screenings at De Nijverheid! CineArt offers edgy films combined with a side program made by Marieke Heerema. Marieke is a theatre artist and creates theatrical experiences in the public space that tie in with the film. The side programs are linked to the films, but clearly show the artist’s own signature as well. Expect the unexpected and get inspired!

30 July 2020: Climax

8:30 PM
French spoken – English subtitles

Climax is a 2018 psychological horror film directed, written and co-edited by Gaspar Noé. The film takes place during Winter 1996 within a single building, and features a large ensemble cast of twenty-four (led by Sofia Boutella) portraying a French dance troupe throwing an after-party after a rehearsal.

Climax is a 90-minute danse macabre, which after a brief introduction of the characters moves from playful into darkly sexual before upping the ante more and more. A physical, destructive, extravagant downward spiral of ecstatically writhing bodies where words have become superfluous, as they can no longer withstand the will and the temptations of the flesh.

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27 August 2020: Holy Motors

8:30 PM
French spoken – English subtitles

In Holy Motors, we follow one day in the life of Monsieur Oscar. He travels from sunrise to after midnight from one life to the other. His only companion, Céline, drives him through the streets of Paris in a limousine. Monsieur Oscar enters the world in many forms, such as a rich businessman, murderer, beggar, madman or family man. He always plunges into a new role as an accomplished actor. But where are the cameras? For a mysterious driving force, Monsieur Oscar works precisely from goal to goal and strives for the best execution of his actions.

Holy Motors was selected for the Golden Palm competition at the Cannes Film Festival 2012. The film critics there found the comeback of French director Leos Carax “completely bonkers”, “barking mad” and “certifiably nuts”. No strange qualifications when you take a look at the ingredients list of this surrealistic film: eroticism, chimpanzees, latex, lycra, accordion music and a musical song by Kylie Minogue as a suicidal stewardess.

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24 September 2020: Dolor y Gloria (Pain and Glory)

8:30 PM
Spanish spoken – English subtitles

Pain and Glory tells of a series of reencounters experienced by Salvador Mallo, a film director in his physical decline. Some of them in the flesh, others remembered: his childhood in the 60s, when he emigrated with his parents to a village in Valencia in search of prosperity, the first desire, his first adult love in the Madrid of the 80s, the pain of the breakup of that love while it was still alive and intense, writing as the only therapy to forget the unforgettable, the early discovery of cinema, and the void, the infinite void that creates the incapacity to keep on making films. Pain and Glory talks about creation, about the difficulty of separating it from one’s own life and about the passions that give it meaning and hope. In recovering his past, Salvador finds the urgent need to recount it, and in that need he also finds his salvation.

Oscar-winning director Pedro Almodóvar called his 21st film the most personal yet. Pain and Glory premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, where Antonio Banderas won the Best Actor prize.

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Practical info

The CineArt screenings take place every last Thursday of the month at De Nijverheid (Nijverheidskade 15, 3534 AZ Utrecht). Tickets can be purchased online and at the box office on location. Ticket prices are:

Regular €12,50
Student €11,50
U-pas, CJP/Cultuurkaart €10,50
Cineville €3,-

About Hoogt on Tour

After the departure of Filmtheater’t Hoogt from the Utrecht city center, Hoogt on Tour shows films at various locations in the city. Hoogt on Tour selects and programs unique films, documentaries and classics. The films can be seen at among others Molen de Ster in Lombok, De Nijverheid at Werkspoorkwartier and De Parel van Zuilen. From April 2020 on, Hoogt on Tour will program films at the screening room at Bibliotheek Neude six days a week. In 2022, Hoogt on Tour will get a fixed location with multiple screening rooms in De Machinerie at Werkspoorkwartier.