Hoogt International

Hoogt on Tour shows films at various locations in Utrecht.
Our programmes at De Nijverheid are accessible for those who don’t speak Dutch. All films screened there are either English spoken or English subtitled.

Hoogt International at Bibliotheek Utrecht


QFFU | Peter von Kant

21 & 27 August in Hoogt in Bieb Neude, with English subs

Peter Von Kant is a successful and famous director. He lives with his assistant Karl, whom he loves to humiliate. Then he meets Amir, a very handsome and modest man, and falls madly in love. Not soon after, they live together and Peter helps Amir to break through in the film world. This succeeds, Amir shines like the stars in the sky. However, the fame of this shining star also has a downside, which Peter sadly discovers not much later.


Neude 11, 3512 AE Utrecht

QFFU | Framing Agnes

20 & 23 August in Hoogt in Bieb Neude, English spoken and English subs

In this extraordinary, internationally acclaimed documentary, a cast of trans actors take you through the story of a young trans woman forced to choose between honesty and accessibility to care. Agnes, the pioneering, pseudonymised trans woman who participated in Harold Garfinkel’s gender health research at UCLA in the 1960s, has long been the figurehead of transgender history. A remarkable story in the form of a 1950s talk show, that challenges scientific discourse based on archived interviews.

The film will be screened twice (20-8 and 23-8) including an aftertalk with various guests led by the Transcreen Film Festival.


Neude 11, 3512 AE Utrecht

Hoogt International at De Nijverheid


CineArt x QFFU | Queer Horror Shorts

Seven queer horror shorts at De Nijverheid on 25 August 20:30h. The short films are English spoken or with English subtitles.


Nijverheidskade 15, 3534 AZ Utrecht – (Google Maps) – website De Nijverheid

You absolutely don’t want to miss out on our monthly CineArt screenings at De Nijverheid! CineArt offers you edgy films, so expect the unexpected and get inspired! 

Practical info

The CineArt screenings take place every last Thursday of the month at De Nijverheid (Nijverheidskade 15, 3534 AZ Utrecht).

The next CineArt will be in september.

About Hoogt on Tour

After the departure of Filmtheater’t Hoogt from the Utrecht city center, Hoogt on Tour shows films at various locations in the city. Hoogt on Tour selects and programs unique films, documentaries and classics. The films can be seen at among others Hof van Cartesius, De Nijverheid at Werkspoorkwartier and De Parel van Zuilen. From April 2020 on, Hoogt on Tour will program films at the screening room at Bibliotheek Neude six days a week. In 2023, Hoogt on Tour will get a fixed location with multiple screening rooms in De Machinerie at Werkspoorkwartier.