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Podium x Hoogt | Space Travel | Arrival

This program is a coproduction by Podium, the cultural student platform of HU, and Hoogt on Tour.

UFO’s hovering above the earth to carry out a mysterious mission. This uncanny scenario is brought to the screen by director Denis Villeneuve in Arrival (2016). The film shows us how an encounter with another life form can bring out the dark side of humanity.

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In this U.S.-American sci-fi story, linguistic professor Louise Banks leads an elite team of investigators who aim to communicate with the aliens that appeared in twelve mysterious spacecrafts around the world. Can nations set aside their differences and work as one to face this potential danger head on? While political tensions rise, Louise and theoretical psychist Ian Donnelly are burdened with the impossible task to decipher a coded conversation from the intergalactic visitors.

The film raises questions about the existence of life from outer space and the challenges that meeting them could bring. The filmmakers have let their imagination run wild on the language and physical form of aliens as well as their technological advancement but what do scientist actually know about intergalactic life?

Have you always been wondering what an alien invasion would be like? Or are you curious what we can learn from life in outer space? Join us!

Q&A with expert guest

After the film, we will host an interview with an expert on space travel and the existence of life in outer space. We’ll also give you the opportunity to ask any questions you’d like ! The expert will be announced soon.

About Film & The Future

Film and the Future is a coproduction by Podium and Hoogt on Tour. In this series, we take a closer look at the world of space travel. We explore the possible consequences of venturing beyond our earth, but we also speculate about what might happen if extraterrestrial life invades our planet. After the screening, we interview expert guests and open up the conversation about the film we just watched. What does space travel bring our society, and what can we expect to find in the big black mass we call space?

The primary language at this event will be English.

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