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Creative Coding Utrecht – Art Machines

ART MACHINES is an audiovisual club night that presents installations and live performances of artists that work on the cross section of art, technology and music. At the new cultural hotspot de Nijverheid Creative Coding Utrecht brings together the history of media art with the avant-garde of digital culture. We invite upcoming and established artists who’ll take the audience on a mind-blowing experience that triggers all your senses.

During ART MACHINES you can easily sit down and dive into two films around art, technology, science and the dialogue between people and machines, provided by Hoogt on Tour. Also LIMA made a selection of films from their archive and puts Joost Rekveldā€™s work in context.

Date: Saturday December 7 2019
Time: 20:00 – 03:00
Venue: De Nijverheid, Nijverheidsweg 6, 3534 AM Utrecht

Films curated by Hoogt on Tour:

A Dialogue with Cyberspace

Brian den Hartog, 2018, 15 minutes

A Dialogue with Cyberspace is an art video made by Brian den Hartog and provides an interesting and artistic perspective on the interaction between men and machine and how our physical bodies relate to the virtual world where our mind is often occupied.

Is the world just a place where our bodies live? What is it like to have a body and how is it related to what we feel?
While we are trying to navigate our way into a new virtual existence, a digital entity starts to admire our capacity to perceive.

In our everyday face-to-face interaction, we express ourselves with our bodies. It gives us to ability to physically be with each other. Since a few decades, an increasing part of our interaction takes place via new technologies. The result? A self-created digital version of ourselves that we can shape any way we want it to be. By trying to replace our physical way of being by online interaction, we started an ambiguous quest that confuses us. The confusion of our physical self opposite to its virtual replica, forms the foundation of this film.

Paramusical Ensemble

Tim Grabham, 2016, 9 minutes

Paramusical Ensemble beautifully shows us the ultimate cooperation between mind and machine and how we can use this collaboration to create something new, artistic and exciting.

This short documentary follows the preparation and performance of Activating Memory by the Paramusical Ensemble. This ensemble comprises of four severely motor-impaired patients and a string quartet at the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability, London, on 17 July 2015.

Activating Memory is a piece for a string quartet designed by Eduardo Reck Miranda. The parts for each instrument are generated in real-time from the electrical activity of four additional performers wearing a Brain-Computer Music Interfacing system built by Joel Eaton and the composer at Interdisciplinary Centre for Computer Music Research (ICCMR) at Plymouth University in England. A BCMI system consists of a brain cap furnished with electrodes, which read electrical information from the brain. This electrical information is used to control a generative music system.

In collaboration with – Dr Julian O’Kelly and Dr Sophie Duport at the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disabilty, London

Best Documentary – BioFiction Science Art Film Festival 2019

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