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CineArt – Only Lovers Left Alive

Only Lovers Left Alive is a very stylish and surprising vampire movie with the romance of eternal love and music and one of a kind. An eternal love story, mysterious characters and a special, dark music score, makes this the perfect film for a CineArt night.

About the film

In the abandoned Detroit, the depressed musician Adam, who has been a vampire for centuries, lives in an old house in the middle of derelict buildings with his instruments and books. His wife and lover for several centuries, Eve, lives in Tangier, and is also a vampire. Eve and Adam reunite and spend the nights making love. Their romance is disrupted by the arrival of Eve’s  younger sister Ava, and turns their lives upside-down. Adam is tired with the fate of the world taken by wrong decisions of mankind.

Only Lovers Left Alive // Jim Jarmusch //  United Kingdom- Germany // 2013 // drama // 123 minutes // English spoken


Regular €12,50
Student €11,50
U-pas, CJP/Cultuurkaart €10,50
Cineville €3,-


De Nijverheid,
Nijverheidskade 15
3534 AZ Utrecht

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Over CineArt – Only Lovers Left Alive

Met CineArt presenteert Hoogt on Tour eigenzinnige films in De Nijverheid. De film voor oktober: niets minder dan Only Lovers Left Alive van Jim Jarmusch, met glansrollen voor Tilda Swinton en Tom Hiddleston. Deze editie is er geen randprogramma, wel kun je voorafgaand aan de film een kijkje nemen bij de exposities op de EXboot.

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