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CineArt – Ema

After the Hollywood adventure Jackie, now director Pablo Larraín returns to his native Chile with this audiovisual spectacle. Full of intimacy and dance performances, with a pumping ambient-reggaeton soundtrack by musician and artist Nicolas Jaar. A cooperation that makes Ema a hypnotizing and energizing movie, pleasing to the eye and ear. 


From the first minute of the movie, you know you are in the hands of a powerful storyteller Larraín. Ema tells the story of power couple Gastón and Ema. They are leading members of a modern dance collective. He is the choreographer, she the lead dancer. After a severe trauma their child Polo is placed with another family. But Ema refuses to let her son go, and comes up with a master plan to get Polo back. Armed with a flamethrower and helped by her best friends, she labours day and night to save her relationship and reunite her family.  With this film director Larraîn also wants to discuss the minds of the millennials, with admirable free spirits, but selfish and superficial at the same time.

Ema // Pablo Larraín //  Chili // 2019 // drama // 102 minutes // Spanish spoken // English subtitles


Regular €12,50
Student €11,50
U-pas, CJP/Cultuurkaart €10,50
Cineville €3,-


De Nijverheid,
Nijverheidskade 15
3534 AZ Utrecht

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Over CineArt

Met CineArt presenteert Hoogt on Tour eigenzinnige films in De Nijverheid. De film voor november: het audiovisuele spectakel Ema, in combinaite met de heftige reggaeton beat een lust voor oog en oor. Deze editie is er geen randprogramma, wel kun je voorafgaand aan de film een kijkje nemen bij de exposities op de EXboot.

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